Joining forces for a better future


LD Voices infographic

We are working in partnership with our colleagues in the social care sector to highlight a number of very important issues that threatens the future of care and support services in the UK.

LD Voices is a coalition of providers of learning disability services. We have joined forces because we are concerned about the future for people with a learning disability and worried that continued spending cuts will negatively impact on our ability to deliver personalised, high quality care.

Funding shortage infographic LD Voices

As budgets are being squeezed, there is a real risk that the most vulnerable people in our society will be let down. Lifeways and all the other members of LD Voices have only one aim; to secure a better future for people who require support to live their lives. Our great fear is that unless there is a change of direction from the government our ability to do this will be badly damaged.

Lifeways vision is to provide bespoke, high quality support that empowers people to have choice and control. Since 1995 we have been working with individuals, families and our local authority partners to deliver support that offers the right amount of support, tailored to each person’s needs and wants. Most importantly we believe that people should be living in and enjoying their local community, being supported to play an active and worthwhile role as equal citizens.

A word from our CEO, Paul Marriner:

We’re dedicated to improving the lives of the people that we support, through the support that we provide daily and by ensuring we have the right infrastructure for the future. This also includes the economic and political environments that Lifeways operate within. It’s our belief that by joining forces with our colleagues in the sector and with the forming of LD Voices, we can make our voice heard and secure a better future for the most vulnerable individuals in society.

Read the LD Voices Care Crisis Manifesto:

What does the new National Living Wage mean for Lifeways?

As many of you will be aware the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the implementation of a National Living Wage taking effect on April 1st.

As a result, a legal minimum pay rate of £7.20 per hour must now be paid to everyone aged 25 or over in employment in the UK. For people aged under 25, the National Minimum Wage legislation still applies; the current National Minimum Wage rate is £6.70 per hour and will increase to £6.95 per hour with effect from October 1st.

We recognise that our staff teams play a crucial role in making a difference to the lives of the people we support. Without their ongoing dedication and commitment we would not be able to continue to deliver amazing outcomes for the each individual.

John Birdsall

Although the financial conditions in which Lifeways operates are increasingly challenging, due in particular to the affordability constraints placed upon our Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Group customers, we are committed to offering and maintaining the most attractive pay arrangements we can for all Lifeways employees.

With this objective in mind, with effect from April 1st, a minimum basic hourly pay rate of £7.25 per hour is in place for all Lifeways Group employees aged 25 and over. In addition, we have also worked hard to secure a better deal for our employees aged under 25. This results is a pay increase to £7.00 per hour as a minimum basic hourly rate. Our ambition, through the establishment of Group wide minimum pay rates that are above the new legal requirements, is to position Lifeways competitively in all locations in which we operate.

In this way, we are striving continuously to reinforce engagement with our existing staff, as well as strengthen and sustain our appeal to future recruits, with the ultimate objective of delivering the best possible care we can, to the people that depend upon us.