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Stop Hate Crime

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that the views and ideas of the people we support across The Lifeways Group are heard and responded to, service users and staff joined forces at a recent quality focus Group meeting in Birmingham to exchange thoughts and opinions about a number of topics such as Hate Crime and Service User Involvement in Recruitment.

Sally Raynor, Quality Manager who facilitated the day said; the day was a roaring success with some lively discussion around recruitment and Hate Crime. We had a visit from a local Police Community Support Officer who was able to facilitate discussion and answer any questions with regard to hate crime, and we also gained some great ideas for our new recruitment toolkit, which we’re designing to facilitate the involvement of service users in recruitment.”

Michael Quality Focus Group Member, explains about Hate Crime: “Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t understand autism or other forms of learning disability which can lead to the public calling the Police for the wrong reasons. It’s important to learn about hate crime as people with disabilities may have been too afraid or they may have been the victim of a hate crime. Some people with a disability also find it hard to stand up for themselves therefore they need to be able to talk to a responsible adult.”